The project Insectus is part of the non-profit association Enactus Hannover e.V. of the Leibniz University Hanover.

We are a team of voluntary students, who wants to change the world in small ways together with our cooperation partners. Currently, we are working actively in Togo and Uganda.



Our aim

800 million people worldwide suffer from the consequences of malnutrition. This number will increase due to climate change [FAO 2017].

With our project, we want to contribute to a nutrient-rich basic food supply. In order to do so, we are building insect farms to breed the Black Soldier Fly. By involving our local farmers in the breeding process, we ensure that our farmers are able to run the farm sustainably by themselves. The product, our manufactured protein- and nutrient-rich larvae powder from our breed, can be sold at affordable prices.

Our aim is clear: A nutrient-rich basic sustenance for everyone, regardless of their income situation.

More information about the project: Insectus – The project



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Latest blog posts

Substrate Matters

As long as our farm was under construction, we had to store the grubs at the home of our hosts. We started giving the larvae shredded leftovers to feed them. This substrate consisted mainly of pineapple, mango, and bananas, which are Fruits, that have a lot of moisture. We also added some water to make …

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Construction of the Farm

We have found a nice place for our farm. On a property close to the city we have been able to initiate our project and started to construct the farm. In order to have the optimal conditions for growing of the larvae, we had to make sure that the area is shaded and that there …

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Visit to the BSF-Farm in Benin

Today we have been in Benin to visit another farm of the black soldier fly. On the 23th of March our two Insectus members Teika and Felix went with our local entrepreneur Fabio from Lomé, Togo to Abomey, Benin. Our purpose of the trip was to pick up the Black solider Fly (BSF) larvae. After …

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