Construction of the farm

We have found a nice place for our farm. On a property close to the city we have been able to initiate our project and started to construct the farm. In order to have the optimal conditions for growing of the larvae, we had to make sure that the area is shaded and that there is sufficient airflow. Additionally, shade and airflow contribute to the farm having the ideal temperature. A civil engineer helped us with planning the hangar. He also organised the workforce necessary to construct the farm.

At first, the workers put nine hollow plastic pipes in position to act as columns to support the roof of the farm. These pipes have been filled with cement to make them sturdier.

The workers have built the roof of the farm. It is slightly tilted in order to divert rainwater from the farm.

We paved the ground with cement in order to solidify the columns and to get a good working area.

After the roof and the columns had become stable and the ground has been safe to tread upon, we could place our equipment there. The construction is completed.